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MotoTrbo System

Using the latest in digital technology our system supports Text Messaging, 2 slot communication and allows for multiple talk groups.

Always expanding

We started at GMRS and now have expanded to digital.  Next steps will bring us further then ever before in features and distance.

Great coverage of Long Island

As you can see from our primary heat map or coverage of Long Island extends to areas of CT. Future expansion plans will allow seamless communication further in to NYC and the upstate and VA areas.

CrNet Repeater System

Community Radio Network 

Why DMR? 

DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) is an  open and published international digital radio standard  that specifies the  2-slot (channel) TDMA communications. DMR radios are produced by several manufacturers  and they all work on our system as long as they are Tier II complaint, as most are. DMR is not compatible with Icom's D-Star technology. Competition between manufacturers is a big reason why DMR radio prices are fair. DMR is here to stay since it is not a single manufacturer technology.

How do I join?

It's simple.  You need a compatible radio.  If you don't have one we can point you in the right direction but you are looking for a MotoTrbo compatible radio.  To join the community repeater, which will give you access to public talk groups for island wide communication it's $50/year for individuals. Once your application has been approved you will receive a digital ID and information on connecting to the repeater system. You can also add your family members for an additional $15/year per member. 

Can my club or group join and have its own talk group?

Yes it can, for $50/month you will be allowed up to 10 IDs on the system with access to your own talk group.  Each additional ID will be $5/month. Your group will be private however will have to share with other groups on the frequency. If you are interested in having your own dedicated frequency please contact us for more information.


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