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How I linked multiple GMRS repeaters over the internet using TeamSpeak

Posted 5/31/2018

Many people have asked me if this is possible and how I did it. So here is a little explanation of how it works.

The problem:
Looking for an inexpensive way of getting multiple GMRS Repeaters (in this case) linked together.

While there are many ways to do this and there is always a question of the FCC regulations regarding linking GMRS radios. From all of the research I have done this is the easiest solution and is completely within the "Rules".
There is equipment that does all of this for you over VOIP however it can get expensive and if your looking for great audio quality but are running on a tin can and string budget this is the solution for you. It does require a little bit of cash but its well worth the performance you will get.

What do you need?
You will need a computer, a TeamSpeak server and a dedicated radio or controller.
While what I'm going to explain can be done with a dedicated radio with very little degradation in quality I went for the direct to controller option.
The controller I'm using is a RC210 Repeater Controller (, I have found it well worth the money and the best quality you are going to see with this solution.
The connection between the PC and the Radio/Controller I'm using is a SignaLink by Tigertronics ( This is basically a USB device that appears as a sound card to your computer, has the ability to control volume, PTT and much more. You will need to make some custom cables to connect your radio or controller but they are easy to make and easy to understand.
Once you have created the cables from your SignaLink to your radio it's all down hill. Basically any sound that you send through that sound card will activate the PTT of the radio then out over the air it goes and any audio that comes in over your radio will be piped right into the computer.
Once you have all that hooked up you will need to download the TeamSpeak client ( ). The configuration of the client to the server you will have to figure out to yourself as its different depending on your server settings. The important settings you need on the client would be turning on the VOX and setting the sensitivity, if your using a good radio or controller you can set it to full sensitivity and it will trip for any sound. This will give you the best reaction time and quality. You also need to make sure you set your input and output sound card to the SignaLink, the nice part about this is it doesn't effect your onboard sound card.
What I have done is setup my TeamSpeak client to automatically log into my TS3 server on windows startup, all of that can be done in the client. This way if a reboot or windows update occurs it will come right back after the reboot.
This setup can be done for each node of the network you want to create, you can also allow your users to connect directly to the TS server and be able to hear and broadcast right from their smartphones or computers.
If you have any questions feel free to PM me and I will do my best to answer them.
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