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“We believe in matching the solution you need with the best products available. Because of this we have partnered with HP for desktop and server needs.”  – John Gonzales, President CrNet Inc.



HP Partners

What we bring

Our HP support spans the entire technology lifecycle and can help your team maximize HP’s innovation. Take a standard hardware upgrade. From project inception, our product specialists help identify the right devices for your workforce based on variables like performance needs, capacity requirements and processor type. When you’re ready to buy, we minimize your workload. Once the order ships, we help deploy and implement the hardware. And, beyond that, we act as an extension of HP support, to deliver the prompt issue resolution that your business requires, through our single point-of-contact structure for one-on-one support.

Beyond our HP partnership, we are also one a Microsoft system integrators and licensing solutions providers. 

For information on what we can do for you give us a call at (631) 686-8455.