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Linksys Velop System

Posted 5/29/2018

The Linksys Velop system brings fast Wi-Fi and mesh technology to your home. 

The Linksys Velop system (now owned by Belkin) is the first home mesh Wi-Fi system.  The system has easy setup and provides excellent coverage to even a large home. 

Currently, you can purchase a 2 or a 3 node system.  I am currently running the 2 node system in my home and it has phenomenal coverage of both 2.4GHz and 5GHz throughout the entire house with one unit per floor.  

The setup process is easy however you need a smartphone. Just download the Linksys app, follow the instructions to register and log in and the rest is self-explanatory. 

What makes the Velop system better then the others I have seen is the dedicated back-haul. Each unit has a tri-band dual-stream (2x2) router and two 5GHz bands running at about 867 Mbit each (I know highly technical terms, it's fast just trust me). The system is dedicating one of its 5GHz radios strictly for backhaul (linking the nodes together). This minimizes the effective signal loss which occurs when your using extenders.

The system is available in black or white and you can purchase it on Amazon, for the 2 node model click here, for the 3 node model click here.